Thursday, June 21, 2007

It May Help if We Had a Candidate

Thomas Mulcair has been getting on my nerves for at least the last 2 months. Extolling the virtues of the NDP like they were his own Vatican version of how Federal Politics should be run.

Why is he getting away with these comments? I'll tell you why. We don't have a candidate in place. That's why.

Now, I know - and all of you know - Outremont is a Liberal "safe house". But, if there is a by-election in the next 90 days, one might consider at least getting a candidate in place. If it's Marc Garneau, so be it. Just get it done!

One thing I detest... complacency. Taking this riding for granted is not a very good approach. My strategy would be to throw every resource into every by-election and win with overwhelming popular vote percentages thereby sending a clear-cut message to the other parties.

Anyway. That's just me. And, as you know, I know nothing.


Dan McKenzie said...

I doubt it's complacency. Probably more like "holy shit lets make sure we get the right candidate in this riding". Apparently the former mayor of Outremont Jerome Unterberg may also run for the Liberals. And someone on my blog seems to think there may yet be another name.

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