Friday, June 15, 2007

The Hill Times Best/Worst

The Hill Times poll: Best-dressed, sexiest, and funniest MPs

by David Akin on Tue 12 Jun 2007 05:59 PM EDT

The Hill Times, which bills itself as Canada’s politics and government newsweekly and is widely read here on the Hill when it comes out every Monday, today publishes its annual survey of MPs . The survey was conducted between May 22 and June 6. The paper says 97 political staffers, three Mps and two interns from all parties participated in the survey. Here are some excerpts:

Sexiest Male: Peter MacKay (Conservative)
Sexiest Female: Ruby Dhalla (Liberal)
Best Dressed Male: Scott Brison (Liberal)
Worst Dressed Male: Myron Thompson (Conservative)
Best Dressed Female: Belinda Stronach (Liberal)
Worst Dressed Female: Sylvie Boucher (Conservative)
Best Sense of Humour: Peter Stoffer
Worst Sense of Humour: Stephen Harper (Conservative)
Best House Orator: Stephen Harper (Conservative)
Best Speeches Outside the House: Michael Ignatieff (Liberal)
Most Discreet: Paul Martin (Liberal)
Biggest Gossip: Belinda Stronach (Liberal)
Hardest Working: Ralph Goodale (Liberal)
Hippest: Rahim Jaffer (Conservative)
Best Hair, Male: Pablo Rodriguez (Liberal)
Best Hair, Female: Helena Guergis (Conservative)

Feel free to give me your best/worst MPs.

I gotta agree. Pablo has great hair man.

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Lakeport Liberal said...

You missed a couple.

Best performer in question period: Michael Ignatieff (Liberal)

Best fundraiser: Michael Ignatieff (Liberal)

Best performer in the House: Stephen Harper (Conservative); runner up - Michael Ignatieff (Liberal)