Thursday, May 10, 2007

John Edwards

I've had a few inquiries of late asking, "What's with the Edwards button on your blog?"

Here's a few of the reasons I'm going to suggest about why I support Edwards (at least in blogland)

First there was this.

That was 1988 - 1992.

Then there was this.

That was 1992 - 2000.

Now there is this.

That is 2000 to possibly 2008 if the man doesn't get impeached by then.

And, possibly, next year there may be this.

Given recent history, Hillary, if elected, would more than likely be the president from 2008 - 2016.

Now, I'm all for dynasties -albeit usually in the sports world - but this would seem rediculous to me. Two families controlling the White House for 28 years is proposterous. Isn't the old adage, "Familiarity breeds contempt." We're talking an entire generation raised on two families.

Dynasties I enjoyed the most:

The New York Yankees
The Atlanta Braves
The Pittsburgh Steelers
The New England Patriots
The Lakers
The UCLA Bruins
The Montreal Canadians
The Edmonton Oilers
The Ming

The Clintons and the Bushes? Not so much!


DivaRachel said...

What about Obama?

James Curran said...

I think his team may implode.

I'd also have a tendency to worry about Rudy G. winning the Republican race. His views may tempt some Dems to vote his way and New Yorkers may take him over Hillary.