Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is the Liberal IT Division Out to Lunch????

First there was the embarrassing Green Shift vs. The Green Shift.

Now there's vs.

Holy F@€k!!! Doesn't anyone research anything anymore?

I'm no strategist, but I would change our website.



roblaw said...

LOL.. oh man, now THAT is truly funny..

James.. do you ever get the idea that maybe we would be best off if we just picked names out of a hat to form the government...? How much stupider could random, average Canadians be?

James Curran said...

Rob, My lawyer advised that I not link to directly as it may cause some difficulty with some using their work browsers. So, I've edited my original post. F@€k.

roblaw said...

Nice. LOL.

Dee said...

At least green shift wasn't offensive. That is.

Are the Libs expecting only men to visit the site? Or was it inflated male egos who thought this would be alright?

roblaw said...

..and while, as a somewhat partisan conservative occasionally, I welcome any assistance we can get.. uh.. aside from the confusing url's, the idea of your big smiling picture on a website called, well,
"On Probation" might be wrongfully construed in and of itself..

..particularly for someone who is, well, irregularly resident in the Country..

Just throwing that out there.

Oemissions said...

Its the Liberal Party and Michael Ignatieff who are on probation by many of us.
Word is out that the Libs are not into supporting Bill C-311.
Ignatieff's statements on the tarsands have left us reeling.

Mark Francis said...

Well, at least these things are all related. was similar to the company which complained (after being spammed by Conservative activist phone calls and email). And politics is similar enough to porn -- you know, people get screwed, the dialogue sucks, plot lines are predictable, presentations are false and superficial, and, ultimately, the overall contribution to society is usually short and spastic.

Though, in porn, unlike in politics, I understand that women are over-represented and get paid more than men.